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by Dedith
on 2017-02-16
Categories: Website Update, Everquest 2

I updated the backend table that caches stats for the characters page so it no longer caps CC, CB, or Pot at 9999.9. To update a character listing at said cap, just force a refresh for that character and the cache will update.

by Dedith
on 2017-01-31
Categories: Website Update, Everquest 2

Daybreak finally has census exporting overcap stats fixed and there are item exports running over the next few days to fix some items. The offhand upgrades and the epic 2.0 items should start showing up properly.

The overcap functionality is also implemented so the caps are properly adjusted when the stat is detected.

by Dedith
on 2017-01-13
Categories: Everquest 2

With TSO going live, I've updated the TLE code on the site to re-enable Crit Bonus stats.

by Dedith
on 2016-12-02
Categories: website update
Looks like we're still dealing with changes to the site. Sorry about that, I'm working on resolving the issues now.
by Dedith
on 2016-12-01
Categories: website update
Our host had updated the server and I timed the DNS update to the new IP incorrectly. Sorry about the inconvenience!
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