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Local News
by Dedith
on 2014-11-26
Categories: Website Updates, Everquest 2

So, I've updated the site to Codeigniter 3 beta & the latest A3M authentication modules. This includes support for MS Live, Steam, and Twitch authentication linkage. I've also increased the default login timeout period.. by a lot.

I've also asked EQAditu to enable the Armory Tracker ACT Plugin. This lets both Dragon's Armory and EQ2U collect loot drop information for our sites with your help!

And last but not least, some major work on the item upgrade search feature, so give it a try.

If you have issues logging in, esp via other linked accounts. First try to login with your username and password (if you have one), if that fails just contact me and we'll figure something out.

by Dedith
on 2014-11-18
Categories: Everquest 2

The re-export of the spell Id's in census has caused a bit of a problem with this site. Until the site upgrade, please refrain from going into the Spell tab on characters. Once upgraded, we'll only then have the issue of spell detections for optimizations (Epics, Singular Focus, etc)

by Dedith
on 2014-11-17
Categories: Website Updates, Everquest 2

The site upgrade is still in progress. Found some last minute issues that are causing some headaches. I'll be working over the week to get it launched. The ACT plugin launch will be simultaneous with the upgraded site as it requires features in the new site.

Also, Census spells had to be reset to clear out some improper data, so I've reset the local cache on spells. Expect spells to take a bit longer then normal for a few days as the local cache updates.

by Dedith
on 2014-11-15
Categories: Website Updates, Everquest 2

I'm almost done fine tuning the AoM related updates for the site, plus the ACT plugin for loot tracking will be available sometime this weekend (/crossFingers)

by Dedith
on 2014-09-09
Categories: Website Update, Everquest 2

In speeding up the item loading, I caused a race condition and the hovers were not being setup properly. Fixed now.

Armory Tracker ACT Plugin
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