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Local News
by Dedith
on 2015-11-24
Categories: Everquest 2, Website Update

I have added the base support for displaying infusion data from a worn item. I'll be adding more features, such as usable infuser lookup capability, later this week.

by Dedith
on 2015-11-23
Categories: Website Update

I changed the epic lookup from a spell comparison to check the newer completed quest listing and it's functioning again. Upon next refresh of character it should update.

by Dedith
on 2015-11-11
Categories: Website Update
Well, I broke the forums in the move to a new host. I'm working on it and should have it back online sometime tomorrow.
by Dedith
on 2015-11-08
Categories: Website Updates

Well, this week is the anniversary of the website coming online, and conveniently my birthday as well!

  1. TLE disabled stat support - I've added basic support for disabled blue stats. This should go live this week and can be tested at http://dev.dragonsarmory.com
  2. Moving Hosts - Sometime within the next two weeks I'll be putting up a maintenance front end as I do the final moves to a new host!
  3. ToT support - As soon as the initial infusion items hit census, I'll be mad at work getting them supported.

by Dedith
on 2015-08-05
Categories: Everquest 2, Website Update

Daybreak has fixed the AA Tree data for us, so the AA tab is functional again!

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