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Local News
by Dedith
on 2014-07-22
Categories: Website Update, Everquest 2

Looks like the new cyan adorns were really throwing a loop on DA. The issue should be fixed now. If you are still having issues, it's likely caching the json data with the error still.. I tend to just close the browser completely and reopen it to get it working again.

by Dedith
on 2014-02-02
Categories: Website
The census issue is fixed. Characters and items should pull up as normal.
by Dedith
on 2014-02-01
Categories: Website

It looks like there was a change with security for Census and at this site's Service ID is locked or revoked. I am working with SOE to fix this, but until then only cached data will be available.

Thanks to those who noticed the issue and sent in feedback. It helped me track down what was going on.

by Dedith
on 2014-01-09
Categories: Everquest 2
Quicktiger managed to catch a sleepy coding error of mine and I've updated the formulae for the Flurry bonus when attack speed is over 200. It's fixed and the forum post has been updated.
by Dedith
on 2013-12-31
Categories: Holidays

Happy New Years to everyone!

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