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Local News
by Dedith
on 2015-04-21
Categories: AmoryTracker, Website

Due to troubles with how the zones are tracked within ACT and with manually attempting to track them, I've decided to limit loot submissions to only those with the location information enabled.

So, if you are using the Armory Tracker plugin and haven't already, please turn on the location information in you game client:

options, user interface [advanced], extended chat window output, and turn on the location options available.

by Dedith
on 2015-02-01
Categories: Armory Tracker

Updated some crash level bugs that were reported for Armory Tracker ACT plugin today. Also included a version number showing in the options so some people can see it has changed (should show 1.0.4b now)

by Dedith
on 2015-01-28
Categories: Website Updates

Just wanted to keep folks up to date. With the interface revamp done and settling, I've been working on the internals of the javascript for the characters, items, spells, and alternate advancements.

The goal here is to have a more uniform set of objects I can use for any game to support other SOE games and upcoming games. However, this lets me also look into supporting the backend requirements for some of the other features I want to provide (Character Templates, Anonymous Views, Adorning, Reforging, and AA Calculator)

Note, there isn't a timeframe or guarantee on these, but I would like to add them.

by Dedith
on 2014-12-19
Categories: Website Updates

Several bug fixes were put in place and I added an option for users to view the loot data directly, and especially look at what they have uploaded. This can be found in the menu in the upper right, or directly at http://www.dragonsarmory.com/loot

by Dedith
on 2014-12-16
Categories: Website Updates, Everquest 2

Fixed a couple bugs.

First was a bug with the looted tab on upgrade searches that messed up the item window when the item was found from multiple npcs and locations.

Second was an issue with the loop on the set item bonus listings that hover over the character portrait.

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