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Local News
by Dedith
on 2017-12-19
Categories: Everquest 2, Armory Tracker

We've had some assistance from Dellmon in resolving some regex problems with certain zone names and ground spawns. The new version of the plugin is available ( and should auto-update.

by Dedith
on 2017-12-10
Categories: Website, Everquest 2

Looks like there was a missing entry for Weapon Damage Bonus Overcap in the javascript, this caused some problems with upgrade searches. It has been fixed now. Let me know if you see any other issues.

by Dedith
on 2017-08-02
Categories: Everquest 2
The issue with the character page is fixed.
by Dedith
on 2017-08-01
Categories: Everquest 2
Looks like Ability Doublecast was added semi recently to census and began causing headaches in the character page. I've fixed this in dev (http://dev.dragonsarmory.com) and have folks testing it now. I will push this to the front pages as soon as I have confirmation it's working properly for others.
by Dedith
on 2017-02-16
Categories: Website Update, Everquest 2

I updated the backend table that caches stats for the characters page so it no longer caps CC, CB, or Pot at 9999.9. To update a character listing at said cap, just force a refresh for that character and the cache will update.

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